Arachnomancer 2 Update

If you’ve been waiting for Arachnomancer 2 news, this is the blog post for you.

Eventually, I’ll be on top of things and I won’t go weeks between posts. But this is better than months!

I’m still working on the ending of Arachnomancer 2. I have six chapters to write. Unfortunately, that’s how many chapters I had to write a week or two ago. They keep multiplying!

I still believe I’ll have the book out this month (August). I wanted to publish in early August, but now it’s looking to be the end of August. Why? Words, words, and more words.


Numbers are always interesting and fun, so let me share some with you.

Book Length

Arachnomancer 1 was 86,000 words long.

Arachnomancer 2 is currently 96,000 words long.

I estimate there will be another 18-20,000 more words before the book is done, which is crazy. That means the second book could easily be 1/3 longer than the first book. None of this accounts for the appendices, which I’ll have two this time to cover more game mechanics.


Arachnomancer 1 had 24 chapters + epilogue.

Arachnomancer 2 has 30 chapters + epilogue.

I had a decent idea of where I wanted the second book to end, though getting there has been a crazy journey. There are things I love, there are things I don’t love, and ultimately, I’ve learned a lot about how I want to write the third book.

Chapter Length

This is an area I’ve really struggled with for Arachnomancer 2. The chapters have been getting longer and losing their fun, fast pace. Having actually looked at the numbers, it’s not as bad as I had feared, but that’s partly due to me trying to shorten the chapters.

Arachnomancer 1’s average chapter length was 3,400 words.

Arachnomancer 2’s average chapter length is currently 3,800 words.

That’s it!

That’s all I have for now. The book is coming along well, it’s just taking its sweet time. I look forward to having a much faster release schedule after this book.

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