Arachnomancer FAQs

Hey everyone! I’ve put together a little FAQ list to show you what I am doing and what to expect from me going forward. Feel free to ask questions! (Twitter)

Q: When will Arachnomancer book 2 release?
A: Writing a book has a lot of potential unknowns, and I’ve since stopped plotting my books (Arachnomancer was discovery written). I’m aiming for three months, which will be about the middle of May (coming June!).

Q: Will there be an audiobook?
A: Yes! I love audiobooks; they are my primary and preferred method of enjoying books. If all goes well, I’ll be narrating my own book. Since I’m an audiobook lover, if I can’t provide a solid performance, then I’ll hire someone instead. I’m a perfectionist that loves doing everything (I designed my logo and painted/photobashed my cover). Unfortunately, I have no specific date to give at this time. Stay tuned!

Q: Why can’t I buy a physical copy?
A: The primary reason . . . I want to ensure the book is as error-free as possible before we cut down trees. The second reason, it would have delayed the eBook since I would need to paint the cover to be larger (book spine and back). And the third reason, I’d like to give the print version some extras, such as designed prompts/skills that don’t work particularly well for eBooks, though could be a fun touch on paper.

Q: Why doesn’t your website have Arachnomancer on it?
A: While I love my website (probably some of my best design and front-end development work I’ve done, besides Webnovie), the design doesn’t make it easy to update. I’m working to rebuild my website to be more user-friendly and more webmaster friendly. I hope to have this done by the end of next week.

A: It’s there! I’ve since decided against rebuilding my website. I love the design I came up with and will work to expand it as I continue to publish new books. This blog helps me keep my readers up-to-date in a more webmaster friendly way. 🙂

Q: When do we get our first newsletter goodie?
A: Almost three years ago, I wrote a story that was meant to be serialized at about 10k words per episode (40 pages). Ultimately, though, I decided the length vs end-user cost wasn’t ideal, especially in a genre that prefers long stories. For my first newsletter goodie, I’ve brushed the dust off of Dungeon Runner and am going to rewrite it and release it to you guys.

If you guys like Dungeon Runner, I’ll commit to an ongoing schedule of a free new episode per month (every three months). If you don’t, then we may explore side stories of Arachnomancer characters (past or present). Dungeon Runner should be ready by the end of next week.

Q: How was your launch week?
A: Great! I count myself very lucky with how Arachnomancer has been doing. We hit a #1,580 sales rank (out of millions; lower is better) and have been the #1 best seller in Teen & Young Adult Humorous eBooks for the entire week. I’m sure we’ll lose that tag soon, though it has been a lot of fun seeing it. 🙂

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