Dungeon Runner 1 is now available Wide

From the moment I published Dungeon Runner, I claimed that it was a newsletter exclusive serial. So why is the first episode available on half a dozen stores?

Publishing is a business like any other, and as a business, I think it’s important to try new things, see what works, and make adjustments. Publishing Dungeon Runner 1 to stores is a new adjustment that I think works well for everyone.

First, to make this 100% clear, all Dungeon Runner episodes are free to my newsletter subscribers. This isn’t changing. Dungeon Runner is a fun break from Arachnomancer and—at least until the series is complete—I have no intention of profiting off of it.

Second, though I have decided to publish Dungeon Runner to stores, my newsletter subscribers will always get it first.

Making this change has helped me find more readers. In only two days, Dungeon Runner 1 has been downloaded three times more than it had from me in six weeks.

If you haven’t (or even if you have) read it, you should download it! Not only does this include the book in your library for whatever preferred store you use, but you will also be helping my “sales” rank, which improves visibility (helps new readers find the series).

Lastly, Dungeon Runner 1 received a few updates (some polish, a few more dialogue lines, and an appendix that details the skills). You can grab a new copy from BookFunnel or your preferred store.

Dungeon Runner 1

Dungeon Runner 2

Alright, that’s it. Hope you enjoy the story!

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