Dungeon Runner 1 Out Now!

Hey guys! I’m excited to announce Dungeon Runner. This is my newsletter exclusive, GameLit serial. I’ll be releasing these episodes every month at about 10-15k words (40-60 pages).

Update: This has since changed. I’ll be releasing new Dungeon Runner episodes every three months at about 25-30k words (100-120 pages).

I just sent out emails to my current subscribers. If you haven’t received the email yet, give it a bit (and check your junk mail).

If you are not a newsletter subscriber, you can still get the book, though it’ll require you to opt-in to my newsletter. Here’s the link. Download and read on any device you want. 🙂 Enjoy!


Exploit. Extract. Exit! These are the rules of a Dungeon Runner, though Entin has yet to write them and make his mark on the fledgling virtual world of Eternal Fantasy Online.

Three weeks ago, the Garentin colony ship—a century out from Earth—digitized their population in a desperate hope to survive a devastating terrorist attack. The colony of two thousand people must come to terms that this new world is their home forevermore.

Having lost everything, Entin is now a lowly market Runner, working for copper chyps to buy food and share whatever extra with the orphanage. It’s grueling, thankless work. That is, until a new, much more lucrative job, finds its way to him.

But nothing is ever easy. There are risks involved with going out into the Wilds, a place of monsters and dangerous mysteries. Is the loot worth it? What price will he have to pay to succeed where others have failed?

Dungeon Runner is a GameLit, newsletter exclusive serial that will be released monthly (every three months). It’s full of adventures, puzzles, and unusual paths to success. Watch Entin define the role of a Dungeon Runner and push the bounds of his reality in this new virtual fantasy world with endless possibilities.

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