The Dungeon Runner Dilemma

TL;DR: Dungeon Runner will return after the Arachnomancer’s series is complete.

A while back, a fellow author asked when he could start a second series. This author had a neat idea he wanted to explore but his current series had yet to be completed. Other authors in the community offered up their thoughts based on experience: after three books, four books, whenever you want, etc.

My answer? I told the author to complete his series before he started another one. I said something along the lines that I wished I had not started two series at the same time (Arachnomancer and Dungeon Runner). They compete for time and mental space. They delay the other’s publishing schedule. And it can be hard to keep their worlds and characters separate.

I was sharing my personal experience, advising a new author to not make the same mistakes I had. But for me, I had already made a promise to my readers. I was stuck. I created a series, which to me, is an implicit promise that it’ll be completed. There was no going back.

I still believe in this promise. I still believe that Dungeon Runner has a lot more story left to be told. But the format and schedule are not working. Trying to juggle two entirely different worlds is not working.

A serial is meant to have a regular, scheduled update. Once a month would be acceptable. Once every two or three weeks would be exceptional.

Dungeon Runner started with a monthly release schedule. It quickly moved to every other month. Then I updated all mention of the release schedule to be every three months before finally saying, “After each Arachnomancer release.”

I didn’t want to stop my progress in the middle of an Arachnomancer book to write a Dungeon Runner episode. This would be quite disruptive to my creative process. But now, releases are far and wide between, and I’m forced to read through previous episodes and my world-building documents before writing anything new.

Obviously, this isn’t working.

What’s the plan, Stan?

Simply put, I’m going to focus on one series at a time.

This has been a very hard decision because I don’t like disappointing people. The truth of the matter is, by trying to please everyone (Dungeon Runner readers and Arachnomancer readers), I’m screwing things up for everyone.

Everything I do—writing, narration, painting, music, and my website—will focus on a single series at a time. Each thing reinforces the other. When I am painting a Duram Boar or a world map, town, character, etc., I’m thinking about the story and how to move it forward in new and creative ways. The same is true for narration and music (tone, pacing, character voices, etc.).

I want to rebuild my website into a great hub for all of my creative energies that will feature shirts, stickers, sneak peeks, art, music, behind the scenes, my process and journey, and so many other things, things that focus on the active series I am working on.

And then, once Arachnomancer is done, I can return to Dungeon Runner. To be able to give this story my full attention will—IMO—bring out the most creative and fun adventures. The series could remain a serial, could become a series of full-length books, or maybe a part of the main, unpublished series currently titled Eternal Fantasy Online.

Please accept my apology

I know this will be disappointing to many of you. I was excited to write the third episode and was even nearly done with the cover. But then this revelation hit and—after pacing within my house for four days—I know the decision is the right one. Dungeon Runner will return and it’ll be better than ever when it does.

That’s that. Thanks for reading and for your patience. I’ll see you next time. 🙂

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