WTF is Dungeon Runner?

Dungeon Runner is a FREE, ongoing, GameLit/LitRPG serial.

Now, I completely get your hesitancy here. Most authors don’t commit to writing, editing, and designing covers for a free series. That’s a lot of work for no gain, so what’s the catch?

Okay. Here’s the truth. . . .

I’m from Mars. I’m studying human psychology so my great people can conquer your lousy, blue planet. What are a few free books compared to world domination!

Or I’m an author, one who wears a lot of tan-colored sunscreen.

My Goals With Dungeon Runner

Here’s the thing, there are tens of thousands of active writers in the world. They have given painful birth to millions of books, books that will only become more numerous the longer we go before [redacted] takes over the planet.

I’m a relatively new author and wanted to do something different. That different thing is Dungeon Runner. It’s a series of short books that I hope to write for a good long while.

If I do a good job, maybe the readers who dive into this series will check out my other books. If I don’t do a good job, well, shit.

There is nothing an author does that is wasted. Every experience, every hardship, every word written, makes us better at what we do. And that’s a good thing for you. Whether or not you like Dungeon Runner, the act of writing it will help me tell better stories.

So What IS Dungeon Runner?

Right! Dungeon Runner is an episodic quest through new, challenging dungeons. A Runner isn’t someone focused on killing monsters, but on stealing valuable loot from the dungeons.

You could say Dungeon Runner is a Progression Fantasy in an Isekai VR world, where everyone is now living in VR because they wouldn’t have survived in the real world.

I hope to introduce exciting, new dungeons, environments, monsters, and puzzles with every episode.

How Can You Help?

Read the book! More downloads help to improve my rank within the different stores. A higher rank helps others find the book.

The series is in desperate need of written reviews. This is the most effective way to support Dungeon Runner and me as an author.

Let people know about the book. Word of mouth is awesome!

Add the book to Goodreads Lists or Shelves where appropriate.

When is the Next Episode?

I’m aiming to release a 25-35k word episode (100-140 pages) every two months. Dungeon Runner 2 will go out to all stores at the beginning of May (but is currently available to newsletter subscribers), and Dungeon Runner 3 will release in July.

Whoops! I gave a public deadline that I shouldn’t have. Since writing this post, I’ve learned a few things about my creative process and how much time it takes to create a good story for you guys to read. While I would love to publish a Dungeon Runner every two months, things often come up to derail my plans.

To read more about how my opinion has changed, see this post here.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback for me, you can reach out on any social platform or email me at I love hearing from my readers, so don’t hesitate to say “Hi!”

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